About iTalkBB
iTalkBB was created and is dedicated to provide better lives for Chinese overseas. Our products and features have been tailored so that our customers will be able to enjoy not only peace and comfort abroad, but also to keep in touch with family and friends with no interruption.
iTalkBB is committed to provide applicable products and services for immigrants with the understanding of their real needs.
iTalkBB Home Phone offers not only high quality international calls, but also offers its revolutionary Local Number Service, which has been developed exclusively for the needs of overseas Chinese. It provides local phone numbers in China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and South Korea, which allows friends and family to call our customers directly without international calling charges. iTalkBB home phone has replaced the traditional home phone and added several free additional services such as showing caller ID, allowing call waiting, call diverting, and three-way calling etc.
iTalkBB Chinese TV, a huge hit since its launch, provides more than 60 popular live Chinese TV channels with all authorized contents, on-demand movies, and TV shows in high-definition. In addition, the professional content editing team of iTalkBB specializes in searching and editing the shows and topics that interest immigrants the most, allowing customers to enjoy the best quality Chinese news and entertainments while living abroad.
Now, iTalkBB has become the No. 1 internet telecom provider to global overseas Chinese and Korean consumers and has more than 30 retail stores worldwide and over 1.2 million users around the globe. One in five Chinese immigrants in North America is our customer. iTalkBB's brand awareness reaches 80% of North American Chinese.
With the strong belief - "Life is good everywhere", iTalkBB will launch more products and services for Chinese immigrants in different areas and will continue our efforts to create lives more than wonderful for Chinese customers living abroad.